EL MAGO DE OZ - 2011 To see Vídeo To download Dossier To download Didactic DossierFor this second journey through The Wizard of Oz, we have done a lot of research on how to translate some aspects of the 1999 original version to the present time. It results in an unreal, magic and lyrical stage world which is able to generate images which flow through dance, thus creating an eminently visual contemporary show which nevertheless is faithful to the book. A tender show, capable of moving audiences of all ages. Creation and Direction: Edison Valls y Rosángeles Valls Dancers: Paloma Calderón, Miguel Tornero, Abel Martí, Flavio Garrido, Rosa Belén Ardid, Jessica Martín, Paula Quiles. Choreographic direction: Rosángeles Valls Design of stage scene: Edison Valls Choreography: Toni Aparisi. Clothes: Joan Miquel Reig. Music:: Pep lLopis. Plastic design: Juan del Busto. Design of Illumination: Víctor Antón. Design of image: Claudio Zirotti Communication: Begoña Donat Photography: Vicente Jimenez. Technical team: Emilio Lavarías, Mundi Gómez y Carlos Hinojosas. The press: Paco Mañez Accomplishment clothes: Vive Danza Executive production: Mercedes Vives.Production design: Rosángeles Valls. Premiered on January 22nd, 2011 at Centre Teatral Escalante of Valencia. Co-production of ANANDA DANSA with Centre Teatral Escalante, in collaboration with Gran Teatre Antonio Ferrandis (Paterna-Valencia)
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