Poetry in movement. “DANSA” marks the beginning of a dance company which has presented more than 25 dance productions created and designed by Rosángeles Valls and her brother Edison. The company considers itself as a contemporary dance company with a unique language as a result of many years researching in order to add elements coming from theatre and always taking into accout a more or less abstract dramaturgy as the backbone of our choreographies. Ananda Dansa has produced shows for both adult and children audiences and it has been considered as a pioneer in producing large shows oriented to finding new audiences for dance shows. The artistic and technical staff, along with extraordinary dancers, lend a singular character and great quality to the company. But the real character and singularity of ANANDA DANSA relies upon its will to communicate through dance. Ananda Dansa’s productions reach the audience not only as beatiful images of bodies dancing and passing on emotions, but making these emotions travel towards our brains, thus communicating ideas, feelings, concepts… It means that our tecnique and our coreographies are there in order to serve not only ideas but also a discourse written with our dancing bodies. Since 2000, ANANDA DANSA holds an agreement as resident company with the GRAN TEATRE ANTONIO FERRANDIS in the city of Paterna (Valencia). It is in this theatre that the company rehearses, creates its productions and usually premieres them. ANANDA DANSA holds an autonomous structure with the help of Centro Coreográfico of Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana (National Theatre of the Region of Valencia) and the Spanish Ministry of Culture (through INAEM). The company received the 2006 NATIONAL DANCE AWARD presented by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, as well as the “IMPORTANT” Award given by Levante newspaper in 2007. It also received the Cartelera Turia Award in 2005 and the Cartelera Levante Award in 2003. Along with those, ANANDA DANSA has received 3 MAX Awards along with other recognitions which are mentioned somewhere else in this presentation.
Ananda Dansa: The Company - Our history
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