DESTIADA 1.984-85
Staged tale of lives related to bullfighting: from violence to the bullfighter point of view, preparation, fate… It was the starting point of our research on theatrical language through dance. Destiada meant the beginning of our national and international tours which started at the Cremona Festival (Italy). It was a co-production of our own company with the Valencia Town Hall and the Valencia County Council (Diputación de Valencia). Creation: Edison Valls. Choreography: Rosángeles Valls Stage scene: Carlos Montesinos and Edison Valls Illumination: Josep Solbes. Clothes: Francis Montesinos. Music: Pep Llopis and Vicent Alonso. Dancers: Irene Mira, Amparo Fernández, Rosa Ribes, Alicia Gómez, Pilar Ferrer, Rafa Rodríguez, Lalo Olmeda, Isabel Galán, Silvia Saborit, Amparo García y Rosángeles Valls Technical Head: Toni Amorós. Head scene: Sento Suárez.
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