CRONICA CIVIL ( V- 36/9) 1.986-87
A different perspective of our artistic reflection on violence which began with our previous production Destiada. This reflection is now amplified in the memory of children who play while they are living the absurd situation of the military conflict which was the Spanish Civil War in Valencia (1936-1939). Dancers who play actors who play children who are pretending to be adults. Poetry in movement. Co.production with the Centre Dramàtic de la Generalitat Valenciana (National Theatre of the Region of Valencia). It was presented not only in Spanish theatres and festivals, but aldo in several European and American countries such as Germany, Portugal, Colombia, Venezuela, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Austria, The Netherlands and France. Creation: Edison Valls. Choreography: Rosángeles Valls Stage scene: Carlos Montesinos and Edison Valls. Illumination: Eric Teunis. Clothes: Francis Montesinos. Music: Pep Llopis and Vicent Alonso. Dancers: Irene Mira, Amparo Fernández, Ana Extremiana, Rosa Ribes, Alicia Gómez, Maribel Casany, Rafa Rodríguez, , Gerardo Esteve, Rafael Calatayud, Carles Alfarto, Juli Garcia, José Manuel Casany; Vicente Macías, Pepe Sobradelo and Rosángeles Valls Technical Head: Toni Amorós. Head scene: Sento Suárez
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