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It describes the violence latent on contemporary society which, well fed and without alterations of any kind, looks upon everyday terrorism (from the State or against it). It is the last of our trilogy on violence. It meant a coreographic research on the overlapping individual images which compose the “obscenity of violence”. Co-production with CNNTE and INAEM (Spanish Ministry of Culture). International tour began with Crónica Civil and also included England and Canada. Creation: Edison Valls. Choreography: Rosángeles Valls Stage scene: Carlos Montesinos and Edison Valls. Illumination: Eric Teunis. Clothes: Francis Montesinos. Music: Pep Llopis con la colaboración de Esperanza Abad. Dancers: Irene Mira, Amparo Fernández, Ana Extremiana, Juli Garcia, José Manuel Casany; Vicente Macías, Pepe Sobradelo, Rosa Ribes, Technical Head: Toni Amorós. Head scene: Sento Suárez. Sound: Juanma Blanco Electrical: Jesus Gil.
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