A poetic metaphor on the Renaissance values and its contradictions extracted from the world of the Borgia family. This production represented the Region of Valencia in the Seville International Exhibition of 1992. Premiered at the Teatro Central de Sevilla, on June 2nd, 1992. Co-production with Música 92, Region of Valencia Government, CNNTE and INAEM (Spanish Ministry of Culture) and Teatro Central-Universal Exhibition 92, S.A. Creation and direction: Rosángeles Valls and Edison Valls. Choreography: Rosángeles Valls. Music: Pep Llopis. Stage scene: Manolo Zuriaga, Josep Simó and Edison Valls. Clothes: Francis Montesinos. Illumination: Victor Antón. Interpreters: Irene Mira, Juli García, Rosa Ribes, Amparo Fernández, José Riquelme, Hector sama, Paco Bodi, José Giménez, Idoia Rossi, Susana Rodrigo. Technical Head: Victor Antón. Head scene: Juan del Busto. Machinery: Marcos Orbegozo.
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