A show with very intense images which combine smiles with impotence, formal beauty with the obscenity of those same images in time of war. A show which relies upon Bertolt Brecht, german cabaret, along with that great period of freedom before fascism took over the conscience of a whole country. A dance show which talks about theatre. Premiered on October 23rd, 1998 at the Teatro Barakaldo Antzokia. Co-production with Barakaldo Antzokia and the Centro Coreográfico of Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana (National Theatre of the Region of Valencia). Creation, direction and choreography: Rosángeles Valls. Music: Kurt Weill Stage scene: Edison Valls. Clothes: Francis Montesinos. Illumination: Víctor Antón. Interpreters: Rosa Ribes, Gracel Meneu, Ana Extreminana and Cristina Andreu. Technical Head: Víctor Antón.
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