Once again, Centre Teatral Escalante trusted our company for a new production which was to be "El Mago de Oz". One of our main goals was to recover the purity of theatre without losing the spirit, tecnique or magic of dance. Thus, dancers play the different roles creating a wonderful coreographic set which enhanced the timeless and mythical aspects of Franz Baum’s tale. A beautiful, lively and amusing show which creates a flow of affection with the audience. Produced by the company, it opened on October 5th, 1999 at the Sala Escalante (Valencia). Creation and Direction: Rosángeles Valls and Edison Valls. Choreography: Rosángeles Valls. Choreographic assistant: Rosa Ribes. Music: Pep Llopis. Stage scene: Edison Valls. Clothes: Joan Miquel Reig. Illumination: Víctor Antón. Interpreters: Susana Rodrigo, Toni Aparisi, Fabrizio Meschini, José Giménez, Mariló Vert, Cristina David, Cristina Bargues, Geles Alonso, Raquel Boti, Cristina Fernández. Technical Head: Víctor Antón. Head scene: Andrés Valera.
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