James Barrie’s Peter Pan is a literary work thought to be dedicated to children. But it does not only belong to children since it has different meanings for different ages. With their bodily writing, Ananda Dansa’s dancers create a magic space on stage in which reality and fiction continuously combine and overlap in an infinite gameplay. Premiered on June 1st, 2002, at the Gran Teatre Antonio Ferrandis in Paterna (Valencia). Creation and Direction: Rosángeles Valls and Edison Valls. Choreographic Direction: Rosángeles Valls. Choreography: Toni Aparisi. Music: Pep Llopis. Stage scene: Edison Valls. Clothes: Pascual Peris Illumination: Emilio Laficvarías. Literary advising: Ana Luisa Ramírez. Interpreters: Susana Rodrigo y Toni Aparisi, Fabrizio Meschini, José Giménez, Cristina Fernández, Raquel Boti, Geles Alonso, Cristina Bargues, Cristina David, Arantxa Sagardoy. Technical Head: Emilio Lavarías. Head scene: Jordi Renau. Machinists: Eduardo Aznar and Vicente Miralles.
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