How often one closes his eyes so as not to see things and how often one closes his eyes to see them better? An ironic and amusing show which deals with the topic of sexes: what distinguishes us, the answers which divide us. But it also talks about sensuality, erotism and sexuality. A comedy filled with danced texts throug which Ananda tries to show by means of dancing that which belongs to the reader’s imagination. Premiered on October 18th, 2003, at the Gran Teatre Antonio Ferrandis in Paterna (Valencia). Creation y Direction: Rosángeles Valls and Edison Valls. Choreographic direction: Rosángeles Valls. Choreography: Toni Aparisi. Music: Stéphan Grappelli, Django Reinhardt, Dave Brubeck, and others. Escenography: Edison Valls. Clothers: Rosángeles Valls and Majo Urieta. Illumination: Emilio Lavarías. Texts: Rodolf Sirera (From a tale of Dorothy Parker) Antonia San Juan and Félix Sabroso. Interpreters: Susana Rodrigo and Toni Aparisi, Fabrizio Meschini, José Giménez, Cristina Fernández, Raquel Boti, Geles Alonso, Cristina David. Technical Head: Emilio Lavarías. Head scene: Jordi Renau. Machinists: Eduardo Aznar.
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