ALMA 2.006
To commemorate the Company’s 25th Anniversary. By transforming ideas we find the essence, the “soul” in the title of our production. Thus, by travelling along our own geography, we have confronted this new creation: a show which deals with our journey as an experience, with maturity, with the joy of having lived our lives all these years with a clear thinking and the clean emotions of our spirit, as Cavafis says in Itaca. Creation and direction: Rosángeles Valls and Edison Valls Choreographic direction: Rosángeles Valls Choreography: Toni Aparisi. Composition and musical direction: Pep Llopis. Clothes: Francis Montesinos. Stage scene: Edison Valls. Illumination: Emilio Lavarías. Audio-visual direction: Jordi Pla. Dancers/Interpreters:Toni Aparisi, Susana Rodrigo, Lorenza Di Calogero, Rosa Belén Ardid, María José Soler , Miguel Tornero, Jose Giménez. Design of Image: Isla Gráfica Communication: Begoña Donat Photography and video clip: Jordi Pla Post-production and animation: Elisa Martínez Technical Head: Emilio Lavarias Executive production: Mercedes Vives Production design: Rosángeles Valls Musicians and collaborators of the soundtrack: Jose Luis Galiana, saxos tenor y soprano Jorge Gavaldà, guitarra procesada Osvaldo Jorge, percusiones acústicas Remigi Roca, contrabajo Pep Llopis, piano, electrónica y percusiones Alicia Ferrer, soprano Perico Sambeat, saxos alto y soprano Daniel Flors, guitarra Jesús Salvador Chapi, marimba Jordi Rodriguez, violín Mariette van der Voude, viola Juan José Llimerà, trompa Vicente Llimerà, oboe y corno inglés Teresa Barona, flauta y la voz de Esperanza Abad Realization soundtrack: Marmita-Música Viva Recording studios: L’hort d’Ibor Estudis Producción musical: Pep Llopis Assistance to music production: Inma Soler Mixing and mastering: Pep Llopis Distribution: Concha Busto. Premiered on June 1st, 2002, at the Gran Teatre Antonio Ferrandis in Paterna (Valencia). A co-production of Ananda dance with the Gran Teatre Antonio Ferrandis Paterna - Valencia, Concha Busto, Centre Coreográfic de Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana and the Ministerio de Cultura - Inaem, Instituto Valenciano de la Música y Comunidad de Madrid.
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