LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! CHILDREN! COME IN AND SEE THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH! Ananda Dansa creates an amusing, joyful and colourful show for family audiences. Ananda Dansa reinvents itself by means of a show in which dance, humour, clowns and magic are the leading characters. A journey through time towards a recent past in which big tops and large booths showed a whole constellation of things unusual, amazing and marvelous. Premiered on June 7th, 2008, at the Gran Teatre Antonio Ferrandis in Paterna (Valencia). Co-production with Gran Teatre Antonio Ferrandis, Concha Busto, INAEM from the Spanish Ministry of Culture, Valencian Institute of Music, the Government of the Region of Madrid and the Centro Coreográfico of Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana (National Theatre of the Region of Valencia). Creation and Direction: Rosángeles Valls and Edison Valls Dancers: Susana Rodrigo, Rosa Belén Ardid, Miguel Tornero, Dolma Jover, Jessica Martín, Toni Aparisi, Henar Fuentetaja. Choreographic direction: Rosángeles Valls Choreography: Toni Aparisi. Assistant Clown Direction: Sergio Claramunt. Original music and musical direction: Pep llopis. Clothes: Joan Miquel Reig. Illumination: Emilio Lavarias. Audio-visual direction: Jordi Pla. Stage scene: Edison Valls Design of Image: Claudio Zirotti Photography and video clip: Jordi Pla Postproducción and animation video: Elisa Martínez Accomplishment clothes: J.M. Dobble-t Utillería: Juan del Busto Technical team: Emilio Lavarías y Mundi Gómez. Automations: Franki Moral The press: Paco Mañez Communication: Begoña Donat Musicians: Agustí Vidal, Carlos Sanchis, Miguel Llopis, Osvaldo Jorge, Pep Llopis, Remigi Roca, Spyros Kaniaris “Strombor Brass Quintet”: José Alcaide, Domingo Torrella, Juan Carlos Seba, Gaspar Sanchis, Lorenzo Llovet Realization soundtrack: Marmita-Música Viva Recording studios: L’hort d’Ibor Estudis Musical production: Inma Soler Produced, mixed and mastered by Pep Llopis Executive production: Mercedes Vives Production design: Rosángeles Valls
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